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Hello and welcome to My Eye Supply, with over 60 years of combined eye care experience between four owners, we are experts in eye care. This allows us to help you with knowledgeable, and accurate customer service any time that you may need it. Whether you are looking for your favorite solutions, new solutions or accessories for your lenses, we are here to help! My Eye Supply is located in the heart of Colorado near the Rocky Mountains in Lakewood. We offer fast, nationwide shipping to ensure you get the right products – when you need them.


Why Choose My Eye Supply?
At MyEyeSupply.com, our goal, is to provide fast shipping, and superior customer service. We strive to carry only high quality products that help keep your lenses clean, make them easier to maintain, and keep patients compliant with their GP, Soft, Scleral, or Eyeprint PRO lenses.
Who Are We?
My Eye Supply is a premier eye care products supplier, specializing in high-quality solutions for contact lens and eye care.
About Our Products

Discover the difference between our solutions versus the store brand solutions – we guarantee you will notice the difference in our higher quality solution standards.

Every contact lens solution contains a different composition that can affect your lens-wearing experience. It is therefore important to find the lens solution that works best for you and your lenses. Consult your eye doctor if you have any specific questions about your contact lenses and recommended solutions.

By practicing proper lens cleaning hygiene, following correct wear and care guidelines, and choosing a contact solution from My Eye Supply, you’ll be comfortable all day long while your lenses are moist, clean and clear.

How do I place an order?

Simply find the products that you want, add them to your cart and checkout by providing the info required. Otherwise, an order can placed over the phone if they provide the following: Name, Product(s) and Quantity you want to order, Payment Method (Credit Card), and Shipping Address.

How long does shipping take?

We are located in the heart of Colorado. Depending on location and time of your order, shipping times may vary
– In the U.S. general shipping time by USPS Priority Mail is 1-4 days

Cutting Edge Contact Lens Solutions

At My Eye Supply, we specialize in top-notch contact lens solutions. We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of providing solutions for the contact lenses produced today. We only stock solutions that exhibit strong disinfecting power while still maximizing moisture and comfort. We provide exceptional quality solutions that we guarantee will exceed your expectations for eye care and extend the life of your contact lenses. Your lens care all starts with your solution compliance, and choosing the right contact solution is key. A higher quality product translates to greater personal comfort and an increased lifespan for the lens itself.

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