Primacare Diagnostic Penlight


The PrimaCare Diagnostic Penlight is a tool that can be used by practitioners and patients alike. This disposable penlight can be used to measure pupil size, as well aid in the insertion of contact lenses.


**May be used in conjunction with the DMV Luma-Serter Plus by placing the Luma-Serter Plus on the lighted end of the pen.**



Instructions for use with the “Luma-Serter Plus”

CAUTION: Before using for the first time, clean the Luma-Serter Plus with alcohol and allow it to air dry.

Put the Luma-Serter Plus on the lighted end of the penlight. Place the contact lens on the center of the angled cup. Follow the lens preparation instructions provided by your eye care practitioner.

Turn on the penlight and gently move the lens toward the open eye by using the illuminated center of the cup as a guide. Hold the eye lids open with the other hand and place the lens on the cornea.

Once the lens has adhered to the eye, withdraw the Luma-Serter Plus. The light filter prevents contact lens solutions from passing through to the penlight.

They’ll Keep On Working, You Won’t Believe They’re Disposable

These penlights will keep working for months or even years, you’ll find it hard to believe that they’re disposable. The high quality molded plastic body also gives these penlights that premium penlight feel.

More For Less

Primacare DL-9223 Disposable Diagnostic Penlights are simply the most affordable high quality disposable penlights out there. These penlight pack will make sure that you always have a penlight handy, anywhere in the office or everywhere you go.

Helps You Get Accurate Readings

A very handy pupil size chart/guage printed directly on the penlight body will help you easily measure your patients pupil size as you examine their eyes. The measurement chart ranges from 3 to 4 millimeters.


  • Disposable penlight with sealed concentric beam and pinpoint lens to illuminate the eyes, ears, and throat
  • Dual-function pocket clip for portability and for activating the pen light
  • Pupil gauge printed on the body of the penlight for determining pupil size
  • LED penlight Measures 5″ in length and 1/2″ in diameter


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