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GP Lens Solution

Here’s where you’ll find all the solutions and accessories that we offer for your GP corneal lenses

Soft Lens Solution

A soft lens solution is the standard contact lens solution—we ensure that our products contain the highest quality ingredients. Our goal is to provide you with ultimate lens comfort through moist, clean lenses, while helping you stay compliant with lens care.

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Check out our other eye care supplies and accessories – we guarantee the highest quality for your eye care needs! 


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Contact Lens Accessory Pads

I had a couple of protein deposits form on my RGP scleral contact lens after a few months of wear. Getting them off required a 45-minute trip to my optometrist’s office, an hour wait and a $40 fee. These sponges helped to clean the lenses better than the eye doctor could! Great product, sponges stay lathered up, even after using only a little cleaner on the sponge. – Sara Lynn

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AddiPak Saline Vials

I love these vials. They clean the soaking solution from the contacts very good. And when I put the vial solution in the contact it feels so soothing in my eye. – Laura

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Unique pH 4oz

Works very well with my scleral lenses. Doesn’t cause a film to form over them as other solutions do – Jason Nelson

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DMV Classic

This is my favorite scleral remover because it allows control over the suction. – Sara Hartman

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Sereine Extra-Strength Cleaner

This is the best daily cleaner I have used. – Rod Miller

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Natural Ophthalmics Total Ocular Function Spray

I have absolutely no complaints about this product or its rapid delivery to me during the approach of Christmas. By Christmas eve, I held the product in my hands. It was securely sealed in plastic and arrived in a small, sturdy, cardboard box. Everything was neat and orderly. I received a receipt and invoice with the product and a jotted cursive note that acknowledged my phone’s partial incompatibilities with their website’s ordering process and personal apologies given to me. I was impressed by the individualized personal and human-made attention and the fact that despite the incompatibilities, the company successfully processed and mailed me my ordered product. They also sent me a free contact lens case. I, myself, do not wear contacts; therefore I gave the case to a family member, who was pleased to receive it. As far as the product itself, it is a great product. We have bought this particular product from other companies, but shipments took too long and sometimes the package and/or product was damaged upon arrival. This product arrived as perfect as I could want it. It it an oral spray for absorption in the back of the throat, and the spray delivers a berry-flavor to the mouth. The ingredients are a proprietary blend of Lutein, zeaxanthin, MSM, L. Taurine, several other plant extracts and extracts from Ginko Biloba and Bilberry, and has benefits such as Vitamin C, Niacin, Zinc, plus trace minerals, aloe vera and grapefruit seed extract. Our family member uses it as a dietary supplement to help battle blindness. After using the product for several months for both eyes, our family member has noticed slight improvement in color perception in the left eye. His eyes still struggle to comprehend shapes, but his color perception, thus ability to realize something is present before him, has improved. We will continue to purchase this product and watch for continual improvement in his vision. He says he is happy to have any improvement in vision and is glad to be able to continue using Natural Ophthalmics Total Ocular Spray. Thank all of you at MyEyeSupply for giving us a good experience with your company and product. – Happy Customer

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Sereine Wetting & Soaking Solution

Introduced to this brand through my optometrist. “Cushioning” lasts longer and there is no irritating ingredients. The new and improved Boston line all irritate my eyes compared to their original which is no longer available. Love this brand – Joanne Loukonen

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Contact Lens Accessory Pads

I also had some deposits on my contact lenses….brought them to the eye doctor, he charged $10 to polish them but was un able to complete clean them. These sponges helped to clean the lenses better than the eye doctor could! Great product, sponges stay lathered up, even after using only a little cleaner on the sponge. – Gail Churinetz

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Sereine Extra-Strength Cleaner

This product works great – Todd March

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TRP Aging Eye Relief

On second bottle and i swear my vision is better in right eye – Mary Deutsch

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