Sereine Cleaner


Sereine Cleaner is a mild non-abrasive cleaner for removing proteins from contact lenses. It can be used on all hard lenses and has been approved by Tangible Sciences to be safe for use on lenses with the Hydra Peg treatment.

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Sereine Contact Lens Cleaner removes surface deposits, grease, oils, and lipids from silicone-acrylate, fluoro-silicone acrylate rigid gas permeable lenses, and all hard lenses.



Directions: Wash hands with a mild soap, such as Optisoap. Apply one to two drops of Sereine Contact Lens Cleaner to each lens surface and rub gently between fingers. Alternatively place lens in palm of hand, place one or two drops of Sereine Contact Lens Cleaner to surface of each lens and rub gently with fingers of opposite hand. Rinse thoroughly.


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